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Sewing update…

24 Apr

So – I’ve been busy these past 5 months…thought it was high time I shared some images of all my little doings!

First, in early December I joined the L.A. Modern Quilt Guild, which is extremely awesome.  With about 40 regular meeting attendees, the guild is a really fun/inspiring/interesting place to spend a weeknight each month.  Occasionally we do swaps, and in December we did a quilted potholder swap for the holidays.  I had to make mine SUPER fast because I only learned of the guild’s existence about 36 hrs pre-swap.  But I really liked the end result.  Here’s a pic of the front:

And here’s the back – I added my initials (but no one else did, so I guess I’m kind of a narcissist):

The following week I whipped up an improvisational patchwork pillow for my dear friend Jessica’s Xmas gift.  But after I finished the patchwork I wanted to make an interesting back, and I got inspired by a picture of somebody’s patchwork/embroidered pillow on Flickr.  So I made an embroidered back, and in the end I decided it would be the front:

And here’s the back – intended to be the front:

Luckily, she loved it!  Or pretended to.  Either way, I’m content.

After the holidays I set to work in earnest on a baby gift for an old friend.  The goal was to finish a quilt by late January, so she could open it at her baby shower in D.C., even though I couldn’t be there in person.  The other goal was to make the quilt basically orange, red, and yellow, since those are the favorite colors of this friend and her husband.  In the end, I did not finish the quilt until like two weeks before the baby was born, in March, and I added some blue, to balance out all those warm reddish tones:

Here’s a close-up, to show the roughly ten million hours of hand quilting involved:

It was hard to part with this baby.  Only the second quilt I’ve finished, but I fell in love with it.  I would never have worked with orange on my own, but damn if it isn’t my favorite color now.

I’ve been working on a few different quilt projects since I put that one to bed, but nothing to show yet.  I DID have the amazing fortune to stumble upon a newly-forming quilting bee on the ole interweb, which kicked off this past month.  I made the following block for this month’s assignment:

It’s more simple than I would have liked to do for the lovely lady hosting this month, but I just COULD NOT COME UP WITH ANY INTERESTING IDEAS.  Massive, massive sewer’s block.

I’m back in the studio, makin’ sweet love to my sewing machine every day.  In fact, I’ve got to get pinning – almost ready to finish piecing another quilt top!