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Hello interweb!

17 Nov

Good morning, lovely people.  Welcome to a blog that won’t make much sense or adhere to any coherent theme!  Since I can’t decide which aspect of my life I want to write about the most (food?  babies?  lawyering?  crafts?  etc?), I’m just going to talk about them all.  As I’m fairly confident there are no other crafter-lawyer-foodie-hippie-mothers out there, I won’t aspire to build a community of people just like me.  How boring that would be, anyway.  So maybe a post here or there will jive with someone, and another post will jive with someone else.  I can only promise that I’ll only blog about things that excite me a lot or piss me off a lot.  Passion!  I promise passion!

Since it all begins and ends with food, my first post will be about said food.  I just spent an ungodly $20 on fresh local guavas at the farmer’s market, which are destined to become a year’s worth of gorgeous, pungent, unctious jam.  I will blog the whole unbelievably sticky process, with lots of photos.  I may even transcribe the inevitable fights my husband and I will have as we sterilize jars and immerse them in our jerry-rigged water bath.

Cheerio, friends!